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Extended Hours: Extended hours are available to any child enrolled in one of our regular programs. These hours allow you to extend the normal hours of your child’s program and are granted on a space-available basis. Permission must be given by the Director. Payment is based on an hourly rate.

School Closings:

A 2-hour delay means Noah’s Ark will open at 9:00 for ALL students.
In the event of an early dismissal, we will close 1 hour after the public school system.

Helpful Hints:

  • If you have more than one child and one is an Infant, Waddler, or Toddler, please take the YOUNGER child to their room first.
  • Please call the center by 9:00 am if your child will be late or absent. Thank You!
  • Please do NOT pick up your child between 1:00 and 3:00.
  • Please make every effort to be on time for drop off and pick up. Your child’s day is affected when they arrive late or are picked up late.
  • Pick-up time for half-day childcare is at 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm for full-time care. Otherwise, a late charge of $1.00 per minute will begin. Call Rachel/Cyndi’s cell phone should you get stuck in traffic or delayed. This will not apply as long as it is not overused.

PARENTS OF Half Day Child Care:

  • PLEASE BE PATIENT. Sometimes, parents need a few special moments with their child’s teacher. If more time is necessary, please contact your child’s teacher and arrange a special meeting.

Admission and enrollment requirements

We provide tours daily from 9 am-Noon and again from 3-5 pm. Before admission, we invite you back to bring your child and visit our center. We want your child to visit their classroom and feel comfortable with their new school. The Director is available to discuss the center’s policies and procedures. It is our goal to meet you and your child’s needs when possible. Should these needs not be met a 2-week notice is requested before leaving our center.

Snacks and lunch requirements

Morning snacks, afternoon snacks, and lunch are provided by parents/guardians.

Morning and Afternoon Snacks: Snacks must have 2 food groups. Juice and/or milk can be considered as one of the food groups. Juice must be 100% juice. If your child drinks milk for a snack, choose non-flavored milk. For example, Goldfish crackers and 100% juice would be a perfect snack.

  • Milk (must be fluid milk): Noah’s Ark provides Vitamin D, Whole Milk for children under the age of two, and Low-fat (1%) Milk for children over the age of two for lunch.
  • Noah’s Ark has a nut-free policy.

please do not send sweets, chips, cookies, koolaid, chocolate, or gum. Look at labels carefully. Some foods saying vegetables in the title are not veggies.

Special philosophies

Religious Emphasis: The blessing is said before snacks and lunch as part of our daily program. We also have devotions, Bible stories, and songs in each room daily. We seek to share an awareness of God’s love through our daily activities.

What to bring from home

What should be brought:

  • Morning & afternoon snack and lunch daily.
  • Full-time students in all classes need to bring a clean standard-sized crib sheet and blanket each Monday.
  • A seasonal change of clothes, socks, and shoes to be kept in the classroom.

When Do I Keep My Child At Home?

  • Has head lice &/or nits.

Health and Illness Policies:

Illnesses at School: Should a child become sick at school and be suspected of having an infectious or contagious illness, the parent will be contacted to make arrangements to pick up the child. The child may return when well (without fever or symptoms) at least 24 hours after last dose of medication. Ex.- 24 hours after Tylenol)

Children should NOT return the next day. The school has several medical professionals that are on call for emergencies or questions. Should an extreme emergency or life-threatening situation occur, the child will be transported to your hospital of preference. EMS will be called and then parents notified. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE NOT HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND MUST MAKE DECISIONS BASED ON THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES AND EXPERIENCES.

First-Aid: Only first-aid treatment of a minor nature is administered at school. Parents will receive an “Incident Report” denoting bumps, scrapes, etc., and the treatment. State Regulations require at least one staff member on-site who is certified in CPR and First-Aid. Noah’s Ark requires all our staff to be certified in CPR and First-Aid.

Communicable Diseases: So that other parents may be informed of their child’s exposure, please report all communicable diseases such as measles, chicken pox, etc., to the Director or Assistant Director. Through such cooperation, we hope to protect other children in the school, and brothers and sisters.

Operational Policies:

Holidays: Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day After Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Birthday, Good Friday (Easter), Memorial Day, Fourth of July.

Smoking, tobacco use, alcohol, firearms, and other prohibited substances are not allowed on the premises.

Information: A parent information board is posted in the hallway as you enter the buildings. Upcoming events, activities, classroom needs, and the like will be displayed here.

Tours are done by appointment only

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